Analytics models tested in challenging
business environments.

With over 26 million Americans underbanked, relying on traditional credit data alone is no longer enough. Using our rich, proprietary alternative credit data and powerful analytical models have opened a whole new level of predictability that has helped companies find new customers and grow their business.


Accurately predict the default risk in a customer population.

Our core iPredict model has consistently outperformed competitor models - often becoming a replacement for them. Used to score the likelihood of default, iPredict allows companies to bucket their customer base into tiers and build portfolios that meet their own specific risk thresholds.


For one large company, MicroBilt’s iPredict analysis provided that by following MicroBilt’s recommendation, loan defaults could be reduced by:


Assess the likelihood of collecting on defaulted accounts.

SmartTrac can accurately predict the likelihood of collecting on a defaulting account. By dividing a population into collectability tiers, companies can then build collection strategies that ensure a proper return on effort for collection activity as well as a prediction of the value they will collect.


Customers using SmartTrac to rank accounts based on collectibility scores can see collections efforts improve by


Build a custom analytic model for your business.

Unlike companies that license their data or outsource software development, at MicroBilt we own our data and build our own systems. That means we can easily customize a model for your specific industry and strategic needs using additional data sources including your own transactional information.


Customers looking to increase their competitive edge with a custom model often beat our standard models driving an additional lift in KS score of:


Timely, accurate data - verified.

MicroBilt Analytics data is continually refreshed and validated using our proprietary banking verification and fraud detection systems. This helps ensure that the data used in our modeling is as accurate and up to date as possible.

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