The agility of a tech start up.
The experience of an industry leader.

In the decades we’ve been doing business, our mission has always been the same: To help you make the best decisions, as efficiently as possible, in order to grow your business, protect your margins and manage your risk exposure.

  • We’ve been a leader for thirty years.

    MicroBilt was an early innovator in moving data systems online. We were among the first to invest in alternative credit data - well before it became popular. Today we continue to push forward creating new analytics models that combine traditional and non-traditional data in powerfully predictive ways.

  • We know this industry better than anyone.

    MicroBilt has been working with short-term lenders, installment loan programs, auto lenders, collections companies and other industries from the beginning. We have intimate knowledge of these markets, their needs and compliance requirements, tailoring our offerings to the industries we serve.

  • We serve customers at scale.

    With customers across the country and increasingly, abroad, MicroBilt has built a reputation on reliable service. We work collaboratively with customers to ensure our data is continually refreshed and relevant, optimizing our models in a cycle of continuously improving outcomes.

  • We’re a collaborative partner.

    We’ve always been focused on building relationships. Beyond just the models we deliver, we collaborate with you closely to ensure your objectives are served by the analytics we provide.

  • We stay up to date to make sure you stay out front.

    The models we build are continually being improved on. As data is refreshed, or new information become available we incorporate it and adjust our algorithms to maintain the highest predictive integrity for our products.

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