Balance risk and revenue.
Identify new opportunities.

Speed and accuracy

Automate your decisioning process while improving accuracy and get the customers you want, sooner.


Govern your decisioning process with clear rules, properly applied for each and every transaction.


Models are easily appended with your provided data and the unique processing rules that reflect your risk.


Be sure to keep your company compliant with current Federal and state regulations.


Outstanding Outcomes:
Finding more customers. Reducing predicted risk.

Working with an auto finance company we were able to determine that they were rejecting “Thin file” and “No file” applicants without any evaluation.

Through a study using our iPredict models, we were able to identify the size of the lost opportunity which represented a potential +5% customers at a tolerable risk.

Our collaboration allowed the auto finance company to increase their overall approval rate upwards from 25% to 30%.

We also added alternative data to our analysis of their regular non-thin file portfolio, and were able to predict a default rate reduction from 15% to 12%.

The company has since implemented our new scorecard, complete with the alternative data, effectively taking advantage of previously lost opportunities while also reducing predicted risk.

Rock solid security for you, your business and your customers

MicroBilt uses enterprise quality data encryption, meeting the industry’s most stringent data security requirements as well as current FCRA compliance standards.

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